Project Euler Problem #1

October 15, 2009

Read the details of the problem here.


Add all the natural numbers below one thousand that are multiples of 3 or 5.


I guess I could have used summing of arithmetic progressions to work this out even by hand but would it have been as quick as writing this brute-force one-liner in Groovy?

def answer =
    (1..<1000).findAll { (it % 3 == 0) || (it % 5 == 0) }.sum()

This runs in around 0.44 secs which seems a bit slow given it’s not doing any heavy lifting but it’s well within the 15-20s that I’m allowing myself for these Project Euler jobs.


In this case, Groovy’s ranges, list selector and list aggregate functions make this a snap to write and to understand. I must admit to preferring the a..<b syntax for an exclusive range expression to Ruby’s open range a...b syntax where it’s too easy to miss the extra full-stop on reading.


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