Project Euler Problem #62

November 19, 2009

Read the details of the problem here


Find the smallest cube for which exactly five permutations of its digits are cube.


It’s a brute force approach with a guessed maxima but the coded solution is a fairly trivial one-liner (but I’ve split it for legibility).

def answer =
        (1..10000).collect { it ** 3 }
                  .groupBy { it.toString().toList().sort().join("") }
                  .findAll { it.value.size() == 5 }
                  .collect { it.value }

It runs in 1.14 seconds.


You’ve got to love the Groovy listops for problems like this. The code wasn’t the fastest to run but easily fell within my 15 second cut-off. It was very quick to put together and the code intent is clear to read. The only slight snag I found was there are actually two solutions that have five cube permutations but this was resolved easily to get the minimum value of the two solutions as the problem required.


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