Project Euler Problem #56

May 21, 2010

Read the details of the problem here


Considering natural numbers of the form, ab, finding the maximum digital sum.


Very easy to create a brute force solution with Java’s BigInteger support. I guessed that the answer would be found up in the high end of the range specified and only searched there.

BigInteger.metaClass.digitSum() { ->

def answer = 0

(90G..99G).each { a ->
  (90G..99G).each { b ->
    answer = [ answer, a.pow(b).digitSum() ].max()

Run time is 95 milliseconds.


Groovy’s transparent integration with the Java BigInteger class made this a snap to put together. The listops, spread operator and metaClass extensions made for a clean syntax.

It’s actually possible to do the calculation as Groovy “one-liner” which has the same run time.

def answer =
                             .collect { it[0].pow(it[1]).digitSum() }

Not sure if I like this or not.


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