This is a list of the computing-related books currently on my bookshelf. It’s only a fraction of the books on the subject that I possess and have read over the years which shows where I’ve opted to spend my available free time and money!

I’ll add some links to appropriate book reviews when I get some more time.

You’ll see that a lot of the books are from the days before the Internet was “always on”. So much is now easily accessible online, and the technology churn rate so high, that it’s usually not worth getting a book that’s going to be out of date within 18 months. My EeePC 901 lets me read PDFs on the train too so I’m quite happy with that.

System Specification & Design
An Introduction to Discrete Mathematics, Formal System Specification, and Z
UML Pocket Reference
UML Distilled
Instant UML
Use Cases: Requirements in Context
Writing Effective Use Cases
Applying UML and Patterns
The Unified Modelling Language User Guide (2nd Ed.)
UML in a Nutshell
The Algorithm Design Manual
Algorithms (2nd Ed.) 
Design Patterns
Core J2EE Design Patterns (2nd Ed.)
XML Pocket Reference
Programming Pearls (2nd Ed.)
Introduction to Parallel Processing 
Code Complete (2nd Ed.)
Patterns of Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Integration Patterns

Project & Service Management
Managing Successful Programmes
Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2
PRINCE2 Pocketbook
The CMDB Imperative 
ITIL v3 Complete Certification Kit
Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam
IT Service Management Based on ITIL v3 – A Pocket Guide
Enterprise Architecture as Strategy
Building an Enterprise Architecture Practice

Generic Programming and the STL
Effective STL
Exceptional C++
More Exceptional C++
Effective C++ (2nd Ed.)
More Effective C++
Thinking in C++
Microsoft Visual C++ 6 Unleashed

Using UNIX (Que Special Edition)
Beginning Linux Programming
Teach Yourself Linux Programming in 24 hours
PHP Cookbook
Beginning PHP4
Professional PHP Programming
Web Application Development with PHP 4.0
PHP Pocket Reference
Perl 5 Pocket Reference
Mastering Regular Expressions
Classic Shell Scripting

Programming Ruby
The Ruby Way (2nd Ed.)
Design Patterns in Ruby

Learning Python
Programming Python
Python Cookbook
Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt

Web Development
Design It Yourself: Web Sites
HTML Pocket Reference
JavaScript – The Definitive Guide
JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook
JavaScript Application Cookbook
Dynamic HTML – The Definitive Reference
XSTL Cookbook 
JavaScript Pocket Reference
CSS Pocket Reference
Beginning CSS: Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design
Quickstart DHTML and CSS for the World Wide Web (2nd Ed.)
Quickstart Advanced DHTML and CSS for the World Wide Web (2nd Ed.) 
PaintShop Pro 7 in Easy Steps
Teach Yourself Paint Shop Pro 7 in 24 Hours 
The Web Programmer’s Desk Reference

Databases & SQL
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Unleashed
Beginning SQL Server 2000 Programming
The Guru’s Guide to Transact-SQL
Transact-SQL Cookbook
Expert Oracle Database Architecture
Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus
Oracle Essentials – Oracle Database 10g
Oracle PL/SQL Programming
Mastering Oracle PL/SQL
Oracle in a Nutshell
Oracle PL/SQL for DBAs
The Firebird Book
SQL For Smarties: Advanced SQL Programming

Legacy ASP
ASP in a Nutshell (2nd Ed.)
Teach Yourself Active Server Pages in 24 Hours
Active Server Pages 2.0 Unleashed
ASP, ADO and XML Complete
VBScript Pocket Reference

Financial Programming
Mathcad 5.0
Numerical Recipes in C (2nd Ed.) 
Financial Instrument Pricing with C++
Fixed Income Mathematics (4th Ed.)

Microsoft .NET
Programming C# (2nd Ed.)
Programming Microsoft Windows with C#
C# in a Nutshell
Pro C# 2008 and the .NET 3.5 Platform (4th Ed.)
Coding Techniques for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
Programming ASP.NET
Programming .NET Components
.NET Distributed Applications: Integrating XML Web Services and .NET Remoting
Professional ADO.NET Programming
Advanced .NET Remoting
Mastering Visual Studio .NET

Java Examples in a Nutshell
Effective Java
Advanced Java
Java Fundamental Classes Reference
Java AWT Reference
Java Cryptography
Java Distributed Computing
Java Network Programming
Developing JavaBeans
Database Programming with JDBC and Java
Java Internationalization
Jave j2SE 1.4 Core Platform Update
Java 1.5 Tiger – A Developer’s Notebook
Java Performance Tuning
Java Threads (3rd Ed.)
Learning Java (2nd Ed.)
Java Swing (2nd Ed.)
Java Data Objects
Java Cookbook
Java and XML
Java I/O
Java Security
Java 2D Graphics
Java 2D API Graphics
Swing Hacks
Hardcore Java 
Filthy Rich Clients 
Groovy in Action
Ant – The Definitive Guide
Java Development with Ant 
Pro Hibernate 3
Pro Spring
Spring in Action (2nd Ed.)
The Definitive Guide to SWT and JFace
The Java Developer’s Guide to Eclipse (2nd Ed.)

Struts 1.2 – The Complete Reference
Struts Recipes
Expert One-On-One J2EE Design and Development
Bitter Java
EJB Cookbook
Expert Spring MVC and Web Flow 
Jakarta Pitfalls
Java Message Service
Java Servlet Programming (2nd Ed.)
JavaServer Pages (2nd Ed.)
JavaServer Faces
Core JavaServer Faces (2nd Ed.) 
Enterprise JavaBeans (3rd Ed.)
Programming Jakarta Struts
Java Enterprise Best Practices
J2EE Design Patterns
Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook
Professional Apache Tomcat
WebLogic – The Definitive Guide
BEA WebLogic Server Bible
JBoss – A Developer’s Notebook

Applied Cryptography
Mastering Turbo Assembler
Active Directory Cookbook for Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000

Programming Windows v3
Inside COM
NT Services

Visual Basic 6
Pure Visual Basic
Visual Basic Programmer’s Guide to the Win32 API
SQL Server and ADO Programming Complete 
ADO Examples and Best Practices

Mastering Delphi 6
Delphi 6 Developer’s Guide
Delphi in Depth
Delphi Component Design
Delphi COM Programming
Delphi How-To
Internet Applications with Delphi 2
The Tomes of Delphi: Algorithms and Data Structures

Knowledge Systems
Prolog: Programming for Artificial Intelligence (2nd Ed.)
The Art of Prolog
Expert Systems – Principles and Programming (2nd Ed.)
Build your own Expert System (2nd Ed.)

Computer Graphics & Game Programming
Teach Yourself Computer Graphics
OpenGL Programming Guide (3rd Ed.)
Microsoft Visual Basic Game Programming with DirectX
Visual Basic Graphics Programming 
Special Effects Game Programming with DirectX
Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX
The Zen of Direct3D
Killer Game Programming in Java
3D Game Programming with C++
Physics for Game Developers
Windows 95 Game SDK Strategy Guide
Black Art of 3D Games Programming
Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus
Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus
Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus
AI Programming Wisdom


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